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(Song of steel])
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Various items i have made for Larp.
* [[Jacobs ladder]] Made two of these
* [[Walkie talkie set]]
* [[Victoriana portal]]
* [[Alchemy box]]
* [[Catapult]]
* [[Wooden cup]]
* [[Weapons rack]]

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Surorisingly I larp...


Larps I attend

Song of steel

Song of steel is a mid fantasy Club larp that used to run run on a monthly basis around Manchester. Alas, its it now defunct.


A post apocalyptic low fantasy larp run at Wilderness farm in North Wales.

[Facebook group]

Forevers destiny

A very long runnning north west mid fantasy larp usually run on a monthly basis. Dont attend this as much as i would like..


A festival LARP run 4 times a year, Low-mid fantasy.


Another Festival LARP, quite a different layout than usual however. High fantasy ancient civilization larp.


Steampunk style larp run once or twice a year. Mad science, Very british...


Another steampunk style Larp, but with more fantasy elements, and violence.



[SOS website and Laptop app]

[Schema information] (Needs updating)