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The uPD23128 is a 16384x8 bit OTP rom.


 NC|1       28|VCC
A12|2       27|CS  (Used for /MemRQ on speccy)
 A7|3       26|A13
 A6|4       25|A8
 A5|5       24|A9
 A4|6       23|A11
 A3|7       22|/OD (Used for /RD on speccy)
 A2|8       21|A10
 A1|9       20|/CE (Used for /RomCS on speccy)
 A0|10      19|D7
 D0|11      18|D6
 D1|12      17|D5
 D2|13      16|D4
Gnd|14      15|D3