Zx81 P File Viewer

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This is a program to read and parse zx81 P files. (RAM dump files)

There are lots of these. My addition to the Genere is that this one will try to disassemble REM statements for your amusement. Its reasonably successful.

This program should be runnable straight from the desktop as long as you have Java 1.7+ installed.

The source code has a maven script and should be easy to build and run.


Note, this uses the JavaFX browser component so will currently not run with anything other than Oracle Java. Sorry.

To run the program, you should just be able to double click on it.

If you run it from the command line, there are two possible parameters.

Java -jar viewer.jar ["File to load"] ["File to save"]

If you run it with one parameter, this file will be loaded and shown.

If you run it with two parameters, the first file name will be loaded, then the HTML output will be written to the second file. The program will then terminate. (As it assumes you are running from a script)

Note that the form does open in the second case, it just gets closed again. I may remedy this so it can be run from non-gui environments (EG a web server)


[Source code]

[Compiled Java binary]