Walkie talkie set

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This was a conversion of a pair of walkie talkies to give a slightly more steampunk aesthetic.

It mostly involved soldering wires to the appropriate traces on the boards, and bringing them out to a terminal block. I also removed the microphone, speaker and soldered connections to the call switches as well.

The handsets are a later modification, as i found that [Thinkgeek] were selling handsets that looked the part, and they looked cool enough that i was willing to endure Their total inability to fill out customs forms. (If your buying from Thinkgeed to ship to the UK, make sure you factor in the £10-18 Customs will charge because the forms aren't filled in, Happens *every* time)

Note from the internals that i retained the existing walkie talkie battery pack. This is mainly because i was lazy.

Note that i labelled the connector block for future reference.

Some of the wires are just through hole (Eg, the mic and speaker), but others, particularly the buttons on the other side, are quite fine, so i put loads of hot glue over them to protect them.

The final model. The front plate is brass, as is the top. They are screwed in with screw cup washers.

The top four buttons are the standard "Call, Up, Down and on/Off" buttons from the walkie talkies. They are basically just dowels going through holes in the box with Pins to prevent to keep them captive The switches themselves are glued on a small piece of wood just behind them.