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The Brother SL-1110 is a range of small industrial sewing machines.

My one is the SL-1110-3, which is rated for "Medium" materials, although I assume that means something different in an industrial context, because i have used it to sew leather with little problem, and 17oz canvas doesnt even slow it down.



There are two downsides to this machine.

  • It doesnt do fancy stiching. It only does straight stiches. However, it does them very well.
  • The bobbins seem smaller than in domestic machines. This is inconvenient as it means your changing them a lot more often.


[The catalog]

  • Wick lubrication
  • up to 5,500 stitches / min (You dont really know how good this is until you swap back to a domestic machine)
  • Max stich length: 4.5mm
  • Knee lifter [1]
  • Max foot height: 13mm
  • needles: #11-#18
  • Arm size (Ie, space between the sewing arm and the bulkhead) 266mm
  • Clutch motor. [2]

[1] What this means is that in addition to the normal foot lever, there is a lever by your knee which can raise and lower the foot. This doesnt seem very useful until you start using it... after which you probably will never want to go back.

[2] This means that unlike a domestic machine, the motor continually runs, and the machine is controlled by a clutch pedal. This takes some getting used to, but it quite good when you do, because its much harder to stall the machine.

Also, as an industrial machine, you have to feed the thread in from the side of the needle rather than the front.


The bobbins in this machine are smaller, as can be seen from this terrible picture:

Bobbin picture
Comparison of bobbins of a domestic machine (right) and the brother (left)


The Table and motor are standard parts. Only machine itself could be considered a Brother component.

Both the table and clutch Motor seem to be made by [Yamata], the table being the "H" type and the motor being a Yamata clutch motor.

The lamp appears to be made by someone else, but is also not a Brother part.